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“The one that King Charles would like

52-73 Wilton Road

Client — Vitcorp
Area — 10,500sqm
Use — Commercial Retail, Offices and Residential
Status — Awaiting Planning Appeal Decision

This is a proposal for four ‘modern mansion blocks’ in the heart of Westminster. Exactly the sort of thing Prince Charles was calling for before he became King.

The design does all the things you’d expect of a Westminster Planning Application.

“You like the existing trees on site? We’ll treble the number.”

“You like the existing open space at ground floor? We’ll provide more.”

“You think the existing road gets blocked by buses and bin lorries? We’ll provide new spaces for vehicles off the carriageway to keep the traffic flowing.”

Design development model showing setbacks at ground floor to provide more room for people (& vehicles)

Elevation Model Detail (made by LL&Co.)
Elevation Model Detail (made by LL& Co.)

...The list goes on.

“You think the existing buildings look rubbish and out of keeping with Pimlico? – we’ve designed new ones which are made of masonry, with string courses, punched windows, arches - and a bottom, a middle and a top - all the same things that Cubitt was doing in Pimlico’s neighbouring Conservation Area.”

“You think it’s too big? We’ll make it smaller.”

“You like money? In the form of business rates and new employment? We’re nearly tripling the area on site which will generate plenty.”

“…Oh - but you’re still unsure about our proposals?”

One of the frustrations of the planning process is that you have these sorts of conversations with people - but one of the pleasures of the same process is that you have these sorts of conversations with people because they care.

So …these are the sort of conversations we’ve been having.

And happily they’ve led to a successful planning permission.

View north along Wilton Road

View south down Wilton Road towards Pimlico Conservation Area

Elevation Model (made by LL & Co.)

And as for King Charles – perhaps he wouldn’t like what he sees here – who knows?  – but he’d like the bits that he can’t see – like the Hybrid Steel/Cross Laminated Timber Structural system.

This system means that instead of pumping 1500 tons of CO2 into the atmosphere during the building’s construction we’ll be taking 1500 tons of CO2 out.


Interior floor plates are made of Cross Laminated Timber panels resting on perforated steel beams with all heating cooling and ventilation within the floor void.

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