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“The one that more than doubled in size using Permitted Development.”

The Mowhay
Rock, Cornwall

Client — Private
Area — 70sqm (extension) + 60sqm (outbuildings)
Construction Budget — £225k
Use — Private Residential
Status — Complete

Photography — George Fielding & Daniel Binks

Designed to take maximum advantage of the changes to UK Permitted Development rules brought in during 2013, this project more than doubled the area of the original building and now provides enough space for two families to holiday together without stepping on each other’s toes.

The new annexe extends as far as (the maximum permitted) 8m beyond the back of the former cart shed (which is only 7m deep) and the new roof slopes down from (the maximum allowable height of) 4m to create a single folded surface of slates fanning out from the original building.

While the overall floorspace has more than doubled, the intelligent use of insulation, orientation, and electrical upgrades means that the overall power requirement is now less than for the original, smaller, building.

︎Looking back into the original building from the new living room.

︎Shower curtains hanging over baths are annoying when you have a bath - so the shower curtain stows into a cupboard to the side. And yes - the cupoboard is waterproof and ventilated.

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