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“The one full of dead people.”

Body Worlds

London WC2

Client — Body Worlds London
Area — 2,500sqm
Construction Budget — £1.5m
Use — Museum/Exhibition/Tomb
Status — Complete

You probably know what ‘Body Worlds’ is already — but if you don’t — go and visit — it’s extraordinary. A collection of permanently preserved human anatomy.

You think it’s going to be sensationalist and gory — but it’s actually humbling, beautiful, educational, amusing.

…and sensational and gory.

Body Worlds London occupies over 28,000sqft of prime exhibition space — making it, globally, their largest permanent exhibition space. The location is fantastic — directly facing Piccadilly Circus in the London Pavilion, a Grade II listed building at the south end of Shaftesbury Avenue.

The construction programme was just nine weeks for a seven floor fit–out?! And so our design almost inevitably took a similar approach to Body Worlds’ exhibits, stripping back the interior spaces to reveal the ‘skeleton’ of the building to visitors. A bit of happy design symmetry there.

This idea is extended into the design of new bespoke furniture which is made up of stacked sections of computer–machined plywood to create larger forms of desking and display space shaped like human bones.

Weirdly, our historic research into the London Pavilion discovered that in 1859 the first building on this site included, astonishingly, ‘Dr Kahn’s “Delectable Museum of Anatomy”?!

The shape of the sales booths is based on human bones — sort-of.

That guy on the horse has been dissected into three — and he’s holding his own brain.           

There’s a naturally-lit bright white event space for hire.
The rest of the spaces are mostly black — tricky to photograph...

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