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“The one that’s basically just painted white.”

Alfred Place
London WC1

Client — CPC Group
Area — 5,600sqm
Use — Office
Status — Planning permission granted

Our proposal for the renewal of this site near Tottenham Court Road stitches together two existing buildings to create high quality and characterful shared workspaces for start-ups and technology firms in Central London.

Our preliminary advice to the client was simply to:

‘paint the existing buildings white and re–let them.’

Credit to that client however, they wanted something more ambitious — and of course we were delighted about that.

As well as additional storeys on top and to the rear, our design created a new social heart to the scheme by opening up double–height spaces through the ground floor slab — providing exciting new spaces for the tenants to socialise in, collaborate and build a community.

Unfortunately, complications with the lease led the client to sell the site to a new owner who decided to take an alternative approach with a different architect:

...which was to ‘paint the buildings white and re–let them’.

as it was...

.... and then basically painted white — we’re architects so we decided to describe this as ‘ossification’ instead.

We’ve only ourselves to blame.

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